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Forex Market News-Mar 28


ANZ Updated their RBNZ rate cut decision, Expecting first cut in August

ANZ RBNZ is expecting its rate cuts in November 2019, August 2019, Feburary2020.

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Dollar edges up as more central banks turn dovish, defies lower bond yield

Dollar edge up when most of its peers weakened after more Central banks shifted to dovish policy stances amid a deteriorating Global Economic outlook.

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USD/JPY: Tokyo open reacts to 15-month low US treasury yields

USD/JPY: Traders reacted to global slowdown and fears extended downturn of the US treasury yields and pessimism at the Wall Street.

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GBP/USD: More developments on Brexit, US-China trade deal look forward for amid recent recovery

The GBP/USD pair is having various moments due to effect of Brexit news updates. But after US China trade deal and comments from Chinese premier pleased global investors to trim green back buying.

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